Computer Networking hardest major in college

Computer Networking hardest major in college

I'm currently thinking of going to computer networking and I'm I've been told it's the hardest degree at the local community college, but that  Is Computer Science a hard major? — College Confidential.
What do you think is the time consuming or hardest major in college. Computer Science/Engineering -- probably the most time consuming. Biomedical makes it a difficult major.
college - major computer -security network -security. icon-country-tags Dave Mowery Network Engineer at Link Computer Corporation Altoona. Below I've listed some information about both "what I do not know" which is the key question and "what I do know" which is data about my academic, technical, Computer Networking hardest major in college, and personality background which will help you tailor an answer to me specifically. With this experience under your belt, you can begin a more focused study in network security. Database administration : The IT professional who works in this position is responsible for the security of data that a company gathers and utilizes throughout a given cycle of business. An email has been sent to you with a link to verify your registration. Pentester: These guys focus on testing the security of websites, web applications, and computer systems by trying to exploit and break into them.

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Computer Networking hardest major in college The BLS states that most employers prefer administrators to have a bachelor's degree in a technology-related area, but an associate degree or relevant certification is often acceptable for some entry-level positions. Computer and information research science : Graduates who work in this field are among the movers and shakers in technological innovation. It's for those who love breaking things and then helping to fix it. It sounds trivial, but employers took this experience seriously and it has proven invaluable time and time again. Hi everyone, and thank you for looking at this thread.
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PHILOSOPHY STUDENT PAPER SAMPLE Courses in an IT program will generally cover the following topics: As a discipline, information technology is closely related to the fields of computer science and management information systems, both of which also consist of classes in technology and business. I'm trying to decide between doing Information Technology or Computer Science. The IT professional will then administer any needed changes. South Africa Study Abroad. What differentiates computer science from IT or Management Information Systems is that it's an engineering degree, with harder math and science requirements and fewer business-oriented classes.

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Join for FREE ,. The salary data provided are all averages, and come from extensive survey data conducted by PayScale. How Long Does It Take to Earn an IT Degree? Whether you wish to study during daytimes or evenings, our online classes are designed to give you the flexibility. Also, by looking at the flow-chart, many of the classes overlap which means if I wanted to change to Computer Science at least at a certain point I could do that without losing credits. One of the things I look for as a hiring manager is someone with a broad education and experience. An administrator will review the post and remove it from the site if they agree.