Music Therapy worst college subjects

Music Therapy worst college subjects

Bad Degrees While you probably shouldn't choose a college major based on what's likely to make you the most money, Things like Poetry, Art History, Music Therapy and even something as bizarre as Puppetry (yes, this is a real major).
Or maybe you still have a couple more years to go and are rethinking that Music Therapy major. With the current recession and unemployment.
Architecture Business administration/management. I think these are some of the worst: Latin Art history. Philosophy Music therapy. Dance.
Music Therapy worst college subjects

Music Therapy worst college subjects - experienced

I think actually using music to help people is better than playing in front of audience who payed an over priced ticket to see performance majors make them selves feel better. It's not always fun. Because there's so much to know and you can't cram it all in at school! The paycheck you earn with your degree will let you know the truth. Originally Posted by Thepastpresentandfuture. The focus is warped and the system broken.

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Child Development top websites for students Top Federal Advocacy Priorities. This article assumes that the only purpose of a college education is to train for a specific job. College students fret enough over what to do with theyre future and an article like this isnt going to help someone who is unsure of what to do with theyre lives, it will probably just scare them off the path they are on. We need dependent human beings, needy people see how everyone here talks being useful to someone else? Doing well in your chosen major still counts—big. Robert Meaners comment was WIN. Your Law degree got you your job.
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Religious Studies does college admission consider combination of act and sat subjects However, if you do want to teach, a dissertation on the Bolshevik Revolution might be the way to go. I'm a junior in high school thinking about going into musical therapy and I was wondering what kind of college prep I should be looking at. Its like you are buying the degree like you would buy a car or house. Consider getting your own therapy or your own music therapy, if you can. I think these are some of the worst:. This school offers Music Education and Music Therapy as undergraduates.
A and I got like three job offers before I graduated. In order to step into our power, we must see ourselves as powerful. I have worked at large, endless budgeted companies developing video content for trade shows and online ads posted on, etc. I think some people are missing an important element of this article. I could go on giving you examples of why philosophy does not belong on this list. Try majoring in foreign languages, and then landing a job in the mountains of North Carolina. I actually bothered to take the time to respond to such a lame post.