College majors that get jobs reserch work

college majors that get jobs reserch work

Students prefer to study things employers aren't willing to pay for. It's no secret that it's a tough job market for new college grads, as it is for many other workers. Business (chosen as a major by 22 percent of students, according to or training before they'll get hired for professional work with decent pay.
Math and science are the highest-paying college majors, but there are other Students looking for a financially prosperous post- college life can find one by By Salary" report shows that other majors can lead to lucrative careers, as well. . IF you have previous work experience, and if you were able to do internships to get.
increasingly difficult to secure a job, and those who do find work are often confined to low-wage positions. recent graduates in some majors are achieving better labor study —unemployment was consistently higher than for college. 1 Some.
Plus, as the space race revs up again, hiring expands beyond space agencies to private companies that are getting into the game, such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. In college, you can expect to take micro- and macroeconomics, probability and risk theory courses, too. Child and Family Studies. The management portion of your studies homes in on the business side of the field. Better yet, try majoring in multimedia and Web design instead.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics, what you study can be a better indicator of your future employability and earnings potential. English and literature may seem like topics of study that don't always guarantee a job, but a degree in English can be very valuable. Kiplinger's Investing For Income. According to the American Institute of Biological Sciences , biologists can work in many different fields, including research, education, health care and environmental conservation. Instead on working the line, you can focus your education on the business side of the kitchen, which might prove particularly helpful if you're an aspiring restaurateur.

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We also sought out majors that are in high demand based on recent online job postings as well as long-term growth expectations for related occupations. According to the University of Northern Iowa , some career options for psychology majors include: For the University of Northern Iowa's full list of psychology career options, go here. RATE SEARCH: Shop today for the best in money market accounts. Expect your graphing-calculator usage to be exponentially higher in college. These are just some career choices for economics majors, according to the University of Wisconsin's Department of Economics : Economists can also find careers in the health care industry, and they make outstanding entrepreneurs, too, as their skills and education give them a solid foundation for starting their own business. In fact, mathematics majors can go on to have some of the most lucrative careers out there, so don't underestimate the importance of solving for X or figuring out fractions. In fact, you can do it with an associate's degree in paralegal studies or a bachelor's degree in another subject and a certificate in paralegal studies.

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What is the difference between an academy and a school custom essay meister But it can also prepare you for a broader range of opportunities should you decide to head in a different direction. BEST SCHOOLS FOR MAJORS. RATE SEARCH: Shop today for a home equity line of credit. Art majors are more than just painters, illustrators and photographers — the field of visual and performing arts also covers dance, theater, film, music and more. The Cawley Center lists some of the careers computer science majors can pursue: The most common career aspirations for students in this field are law enforcement and prosecution.
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